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Reduced energy use & instant savings

Bishop Wordsworth’s School

What We Did

Immediate Energy Savings

The background

Bishop Wordsworth’s Grammar School have improved the learning environment for pupils through an LED lighting upgrade. High-quality LED light fittings helps improve concentration and increase productivity across the school setting.

The solution

Schools can also make a difference by installing low carbon energy solutions and reduce their burden on the environment. By upgrading to a more efficient lighting solution their school have reduced their energy bill by 67%, and the school now has a guarantee of optimum lighting for the next 7 years with no upfront capital investment required.

Reduction in lighting cost
Carbon reduction per year
26.4 tCO2
Average NET Saving per year
Year 10 NET saving


Annual Lighting Costs £27,087


Annual Lighting Costs £8,933


“When we first met eLight, we were astonished to learn we could reduce our energy use by 67% with an LED lighting upgrade. It has made a massive difference to our lighting quality and energy costs”