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Christ Church CofE Primary and Nursery Academy

East Sussex
What We Did

The challenge

Christ Church CofE Primary and Nursery Academy – part of the Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust wanted to look at additional ways to both reduce expenditure on energy and help the environment.

A project to upgrade the school’s lighting to energy-efficient LED looked like a great way to kickstart their net-zero journey too.

The solution

After the initial survey was completed, Daniel Krein presented the school with a proposal that outlined cost savings, carbon emission reductions as well as improved lighting.

The school was impressed with the detail and that eLight could help save money from day one. The annual lighting costs for the school have been reduced from £9.3k per year to just over £2.6k. The school will achieve net savings of £36,044 over the next ten years.

Reduction in lighting cost
Carbon reduction per year
10 tCO2
Average NET Saving per year
Year 10 NET saving


It is always great to be able to present a school with a project that improves the learning environment, helps reduce carbon emissions, and delivers savings from day one. It was a pleasure to work with the team at Christ Church CofE Primary and Nursery School.