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Hamstel Infant School upgrades to LED

Hamstel Infant School

Southend on sea
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Hamstel Infant School

Hamstel Infant school in Southend on Sea is part of Portico Academy Trust. The school was keen to look at how they could reduce energy consumption in the face of rising energy costs. They identified that upgrading to LED would be an excellent first step in lowering consumption.

Firstly, we undertook an investment grade audit of their current lighting and how much this was costing them to run. This survey highlighted that significant savings could be made if we installed energy-efficient LED lighting. The school was impressed with our thorough report, and we proceeded to install 589 new LED lights.


Reduction in lighting cost
Carbon reduction per year
8.6 tCo2
Year 1 NET Saving per year
Year 10 NET saving