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Reduced energy use & instant savings

Prince Henry’s High School

What We Did

Immediate Energy Savings

The background

Prince Henry’s High School educates around 1,200 pupils and is an Ofsted-rated outstanding academy for students aged 13-18.

We were initially approached by the operations manager, Alex Hulse, at Prince Henry’s school because he was looking to upgrade the lighting in the school to LED lighting.

The solution

When we presented our proposal, Alex was pleased that there were additional benefits to the upgrade to LED lighting, including a reduction in costs and environmental benefits of a lower carbon footprint for the school.

The total savings over ten years for the school amount to a total of £186,203, which is the equivalent of a 63% reduction in lighting costs. This is a significant cost saving that has been made at a time when school budgets have been stretched – the school is delighted with their new and improved lighting.


Gross savings per year
Reduction in lighting cost
Carbon reduction per year
42 tCO2
Average NET Saving per year
Year 10 NET saving


Annual Lighting Costs £37,370


Annual Lighting Costs £15,497