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Fully managed installation with no capital investment

Qualvis Print and Packaging

Leicester, UK
What we did

Supporting a busy team with a big project

The challenge

The ageing lighting system at award-winning carton packaging solutions provider, Qualvis Print and Packaging, needed an upgrade, yet getting the best solution at the right price required time that the busy team at Qualvis didn’t have.

The solution

eLight business model of funding the entire project, with no capital spend, enabled Qualvis to make the most of the latest in LED lighting and improve the company’s working environment. The end result is a bright, welcoming factory floor that looks great to staff and visiting customers alike.

Gross savings per year
Reduction in lighting cost
Carbon reduction per year
41 tCO2
Average NET savings per annum
Year 10 NET saving


Annual Lighting Costs £33,727


Annual Lighting Costs £12,951


Testimonial from Andrew Smith

“We have been very impressed with the levels of light of the new system and the quality of the work done by the installation team was second to none. There was no disruption and they worked around our needs. The factory looks brighter and cleaner than it has in years, is compliant to all lighting standards and it is now a pleasure to show customers and prospective customers around the site.”

Andrew Smith, Qualvis Maintenance Manager