Better Learning Environment & reduced carbon footprint

Rathdown School

What we did

Reduced carbon emissions while improving pupil experience

Rathdown School, a leading day and boarding school located in Dublin, wanted to upgrade from their older inefficient lighting without the resulting financial strain.

Working with eLight, Rathdown School were able to upgrade their lighting at no upfront cost. eLight invested 100% of the capital cost associated with the design, supply, installation, operation and maintenance of the new energy-efficient lighting upgrade. The upgrade will average energy savings of 67% annually and a total carbon reduction of 48.6 tonnes each year.

Gross savings per year
Reduction in lighting cost
Carbon reduction per year
46.8 tCO2
Year 1 NET saving
Year 10 NET saving


Annual Lighting Costs €25,642


Annual Lighting Costs €8,339
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“When we first met eLight, we were astonished to learn we could reduce our energy use by 67% with an LED lighting upgrade. It has made a massive difference to our lighting quality and energy costs”

David Mumford, Operations and Finance Manager