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63% reduction in lighting costs with no upfront investment

Swinford Motors

Mayo, Ireland
What we did

A more environmentally friendly lighting system

In business since 1970, Swinford Motors has always sought to innovate in order to keep costs low and offer the best service to customers. This latest innovation to switch to energy-efficient lighting will not only reduce costs at the business but will also help the company make a significant environmental improvement.

Gross savings per year
Reduction in lighting cost
Carbon reduction per year
31 tCo2
Year 1 NET saving
Year 10 NET saving


Annual Lighting Costs €12,004


Annual Lighting Costs €4,461

“The motor industry is changing and Swinford Motors and Toyota have been ahead of that change. From the launch of the Prius, the game changing car which brought hybrid technology into the mainstream to the recent Carolla Hybrid, Toyota are leading the way in providing lower emissions technology.

Moving beyond the cars, we have been looking where we could reduce our own environmental footprint. Reducing our energy use is an obvious way of reducing emissions, but until we learned about eLight and LED lighting, we didn’t realise it was possible to save so much energy. Reducing our energy use and costs by nearly 2/3rds, with no up-front costs, that was an easy decision to make.”

Derek Kelly