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COP26 Votes for schools results

10 January 2022

Last year we were invited to comment on the Votes for Schools COP26 data report. The report highlighted that 95% of the 46,045 young people aged 4-18 were concerned about climate change. 89% think not enough is being done.

The full data report can be viewed here

For a long time now climate change has just been getting worse and worse. Lots of people know about this matter but in fear chose to just forget about it. Lots of people are doing all they can to prevent climate change but in order to properly stop it we all need to act upon it. Climate change won’t just go away, and it has already affected us. If we don’t do something now then climate change will get worse and worse and will affect everything. It is not fair that because we are not doing anything now that children in the future will have to pay the price.

Student age 12 – London

People attempting to change things because all I’m hearing is people talking about what they are going to do and not seeing that they have done it or are doing it.

Student age 13 Cambridge

We need to help education leaders support their pupils’ desire for change by providing a holistic package of support, which helps reduce their impact on the environment. This comprises everything from how schools procure, measure, and manage their energy. Although this can seem like a complicated jigsaw on the road to net zero, a plethora of robust solutions and services exist that can reduce wasted energy. 

The desire to change behaviours is there from the students, so it’s the power to deliver Zero Waste that schools need help with, alongside Zero Capital.

eEnergy CEO – Harvey Sinclair