Make significant savings on school lighting costs and create a better learning environment for your students by switching to high quality LED lighting with no upfront cost. We handle everything and ensure a fully optimised lighting solution that delivers maximum savings for your school. This is Light as a Service.

reduce energy use, save money

Reduce school energy use by 68% on average

reduce carbon footprint

Save 10 trees worth of carbon per classroom annually

Improved learning environment for students

Improved learning and wellbeing for your students


You have other school bills to pay and projects to fund but you and, more importantly, your students want to take action against climate change.  We can help. Light as a Service enables us to deliver you the highest quality LED lighting solution for your school to drive down costs and reduce your impact on the environment. You pay a fixed monthly fee which covers the installation and full maintenance of your school lighting for the entirety of the contract. No hassle, no disruption. Just a greener, brighter school.

150 schools


Schools across the UK and Ireland are using eLight’s Light as a Service model as a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly solution to school lighting. Hear more from them…

Sperrin Integrated College, Northern Ireland

Hall Grove school, Surrey, England

The impact
school impact infographic
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The Process

How it works

energy consumption audit


We conduct a no obligation energy assessment and lighting survey for your school. This data driven approach allows us to accurately calculate your potential energy savings.

Efficiency upgrade proposal


We then create an easy-to-digest proposal showing projected savings, which are always greater than our fixed monthly fee.

Hassle free installation


After working with over 150 schools, we know how to eliminate disruption, installing during evenings, weekends and holidays.

ongoing maintenance


As part of our service contract, we will maintain your schools lights at their optimum level for the full length of the contract.


“The installation team were a great bunch of lads, who we would happily work with again in the future. They were flexible and in constant communication. The installation here was tricky as it’s a live site 24/7 with boarders and weekend lettings, but the team worked very well with the Estates manager”

Vanessa Bates, Operations & Finance Director, Woodhouse Grove School

“All schools are under significant pressure to reduce costs. It is not often that we can do that while improving the learning environment for our students. Our partnership with eLight is now delivering real benefits for our school.”

Mark Webb, Operations Manager, Culford School

“People joke about keeping the lights on, but we were genuinely astonished at the cost involved in lighting our school.  When we met with eLight, they showed us that with LED lighting our cost would fall to under €4,500. They reduced our energy use by 70%.”

Donahies Community School Principal, Peter Keohane

“Like all schools we have to identify funding where we can.  Normally, to get these kind of improvements you have to be able to pay a big lump sum up front, that simply isn’t an option for our school, or most schools.  Every penny is carefully watched and spending is prioritised.  This was excellent, we were installing a system that would not only save us money for the next 15 years, it would actually release cash to us in year one.”

Kenmare Community School Principal, Dermot Healy

“We are trying to instil certain values in our students.  One of those is a concern for the world in which they live. There is a strong environmental consciousness among the student body and they were very much on board with the initiative. On its own it’s a small step, but we are teaching our students something of the value of making sound environmental choices.  It is particularly helpful that in doing so we are also saving money for the school.”

David Hayes, Malahide Community School

Testimonial from Vanessa Bates
Testimonial from Mark Webb
Testimonial from Peter Keohane
Testimonial from Dermot Healey
Testimonial from David Hayes


These are the most common questions schools ask when considering our service. If you have any questions not covered here, feel free to contact our advisors who will be happy to answer them.

After the contract is paid, you can expect to see a long-term reduction in lighting costs. We will present an optional extended warranty so that you can enjoy lifetime free maintenance of the products.

You will! eLight have completed over 800 projects and our data driven process and technology platform ensures total accuracy in calculating both your current costs and projected savings.

We have supplier level agreements with four of the top LED lighting manufacturers in Europe, which gives us access to the highest quality lighting at the most competitive pricing. This means that, even with our fee added, the total price you pay over the contract will be comparable to installing the lights yourself. By using eLight, you are eliminating the need for upfront costs, and including maintenance in fixed monthly fees.

Our contracts are typically for 5-7 years.

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