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Improved gym atmosphere while saving £3,519 per year

Better Body Group

Sevenoaks, UK
What we did

A better and healthier fitness environment for customers

The challenge

Better Body Group offers professionally guided exercise and nutrition plans to their broad customer base. Better Body wanted to upgrade the existing lighting and improve the overall offering to clients. Poor quality light fittings can dramatically affect the aesthetic of any setting, reducing the enjoyment of gym users.

The outcome

As a health and fitness centre, it was extremely important to find a solution which improves energy, productivity, and an overall improvement in mood. As a result members and staff at the gym have acknowledged the significant enhancements in the setting and influence on their personal fitness outcomes.

Gross savings per year
Reduction in lighting cost
Carbon reduction per year
12 tCO2
Year 1 NET Saving
Year 10 NET saving


LUX Levels 200 LUX
Annual Lighting Costs £5,333


LUX Levels 350 LUX
Annual Lighting Costs £1,814