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Frequently asked questions about Light as a Service

We’ve compiled and answered some of the most common questions that we’re asked about Light as a Service.

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  • LED lighting installed across your entire building at no upfront cost; just a simple monthly fee paid from the savings made from your existing energy bill
  • Electricity savings made always cover the cost of the monthly service fee
  • We maintain the new lighting at its optimum level for the duration of the contract – this means you regain a significant amount of maintenance time to use pro-actively across your site
  • Electricity cost is reduced by up to 68%, and lamp replacement costs are cut to zero
  • Fully comprehensive warranty is provided on the light fittings & bulbs supplied by eLight
  • The switch to energy efficient LED will significantly add to your ‘Green Credentials’ and contribute towards supporting the environment

We have supplier level agreements with four of the top LED lighting manufacturers in Europe, which gives us access to the highest quality lighting at the most competitive pricing.
This means that, even with our fee added, the total price you pay over the contract will be comparable to installing the lights yourself. By using eLight, you are:

  • Eliminating the need for upfront costs
  • Receiving maintenance with our fixed monthly fees
  • Reducing the cost of delay
  • Transferring the project risk to trusted lighting experts

No. Our team of technicians audit and install lighting overnight, at weekends, and during holidays to ensure your business isn’t disrupted.

You will! eLight have completed over 1000 projects and our data driven process and technology platform ensures total accuracy in calculating both your current costs and projected savings.

The equipment is yours to keep at the end of the service agreement.

Our contracts are typically for 5-7 years, meaning your lighting is fully covered and maintenance-free, saving you money and the planet from day one.

If one of your LED lighting fixtures fails, eLight is responsible for its replacement — no questions asked.

After the contract is paid, your net savings increase as you will continue to make lighting savings without the monthly payment to us. The lights are yours and should continue to perform for up to 15 years following installation. We will present an optional extended warranty so that you can enjoy lifetime free maintenance of the products.

On average the lights should last up to 15 years following installation.


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Got a question that hasn’t been answered? Use the form or give us a call to ask our expert team.

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