£29,605 saved per year and improved light levels

Cortland Ltd

Hertfordshire, UK
What we did

Improved lighting while saving energy

Cortland is a global designer and manufacturer of engineered synthetic ropes, heavy lift slings, electro-optical-mechanical cables, and umbilicals. Their reasons for a fully funded LED upgrade from eLight were twofold; energy savings and better light quality on the production floor. Our lighting design team and installation partners worked in tandem to ensure a zero disruption factor throughout the installation process of a 4 week timeline.

Gross savings per year
Carbon reduction per year
153 tCO2
Year 1 NET Saving
Year 10 NET saving

“I am impressed with the finish out there. We will make the savings and it makes the factory look a lot smarter which is great for showing clients around”



Andrew Finch, Financial Controller


Annual Lighting Costs £42,386


Annual Lighting Costs £12,781