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€12,505 saved over 10 years

Dundalk Bay Seafoods

Louth, Ireland
What we did

A significant reduction in lighting costs

Dundalk Bay Seafood’s is a family business, with a growing fleet of over 20 state of the art fishing trawlers. More and more food businesses are committed to reducing their carbon footprint, and they will see their carbon footprint drop by 15 tonnes per annum as part of a major new environmental initiative by the Company.

Their lighting system, recently installed will see a 63% annual reduction in energy use and a significant reduction in Dundalk Bay Seafoods’ energy bills.

We installed their new technology with no upfront costs, and the monthly energy bill reduction funds our fixed monthly payments. We will also maintain their lighting to it’s optimum levels for the length of the contract, taking any hassle of maintenance away.

Gross savings per year
Reduction in lighting cost
Carbon reduction per year
17 tCo2
Year 10 NET saving


“Dundalk Sea Foods is operating in a highly competitive market. We need to make sure that we are controlling our costs and stripping out unnecessary expense, wherever possible. We are also looking for unique selling points, something that allows us to mark ourselves out from the competition. Ireland’s shellfish is renowned around the world for its quality. The same customers that recognise this great taste are also looking for a commitment to the environment. This new eLight lighting system is allowing us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, with no upfront cost to the business.”

Paddy Lynch, Managing Director


Annual Lighting Costs €5,803


Annual Lighting Costs €2,161