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Improved customer experience and reduced carbon footprint

Mollaghan’s Furniture

Co. Longford
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Reduced carbon emissions while improving customer experience

Mollaghan’s Furniture in Longford is a family firm, dedicated to supplying quality furniture, carpets and lighting, from their extensive modern store in the heart of Longford town. Saving money in a business normally means making cuts, using eLight’s Light as a Service model this is exactly the opposite.

Working with eLight, Mollaghan’s were able to upgrade their lighting with no upfront cost. eLight invested 100% of the capital cost associated with the design, supply, installation, operation and maintenance of the new energy-efficient lighting upgrade. Mollaghan’s of Longford can now enjoy the benefits of high-quality LED light fittings with a 66% reduction in lighting costs, equivalent of €145,057 over ten years.

Gross savings per year
Reduction in lighting cost
Carbon reduction per year
34.8 tCO2
Year 1 NET Saving
Year 10 NET saving
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“Since the project was delivered, we have seen an improvement in our lighting quality and a significant reduction in lighting costs. Replacing our old, traditional lighting with an energy efficient solution was an easy win for the business.”

Michael Mollaghan


Annual Lighting Costs €25,771


Annual Lighting Costs €8,776