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A brighter warehouse and 71% reduction in lighting costs

Moores Furniture

Wetherby, UK
Moores furniture warehouse lighting
What we did

A brighter warehouse with no disruptions

eLight designed, procured and installed a point for point LED upgrade with no impact to the operation of the site.

Throughout the site lux levels were raised dramatically while energy consumed was reduced by nearly 71%. The project was delivered with no operational interruption.

Moore’s furniture now pay a fixed monthly service charge, which covers the initial installation of their new LED technology as well as ongoing maintenance, guaranteeing optimum lighting levels with no hassle.

Gross savings per year
Reduction in lighting cost
Carbon reduction per year
159 tCO2
Year 1 NET Saving
Year 10 NET saving


LUX Levels 240 LUX
Annual Lighting Costs £42,067


LUX Levels 640 LUX
Annual Lighting Costs £12,409