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Unlocked €52,781 savings per year

The Square Tallaght

Dublin, Ireland
What we did

Unlocked yearly savings and reduced energy use

When The Square Tallaght, one of Ireland’s largest shopping and leisure centres looked to unlock energy savings and strengthen their commitment to the environment, eLight was the perfect partner.

Situated close to the main transport and roads links, The Square Tallaght is a hugely popular retail and shopping destination for customers. By its nature, retail is very energy intensive, The Square shopping centre can now expect to save €52,781 annually, as a result of an eLight upgrade to LED lighting equipment across the centre.

Gross savings per year
Reduction in lighting cost
Carbon reduction per year
289 tCO2
Year 1 NET Saving
Year 10 NET saving


LUX Levels 200 LUX
Annual Lighting Costs €73,189


LUX Levels 350 LUX
Annual Lighting Costs €20,408