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Driving high-quality environmental standards & reducing costs


Shildon, UK
warehouse LED lighting
What we did

High quality, energy efficient LED installation

Incorporating high quality environmental standards in their growing premises, Wilsonart have sourced and installed high quality energy efficient LED lighting, the most environmentally-friendly lighting available.

This low energy lighting will reduce carbon emissions by 336 tonnes per annum. Not only is this good news for the environment, it will also save the Wilsonart up to £890,000 over the next ten years on lighting costs.

Gross savings per year
Reduction in lighting cost
Carbon reduction per year
336 tCO2
Average NET savings per annum
Year 10 NET saving


LUX Levels 180 LUX
Annual Lighting Costs £117,279


LUX Levels 350 LUX
Annual Lighting Costs £31,063