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Working our way to zero waste with our Recycling lives partnership

20 August 2021

eLight has forged a strong partnership with Recycling Lives – a leading charity and social enterprise that helps rehabilitate and support ex-offenders by offering housing and stable employment as well as offering food redistribution to reduce food waste and tackle poverty.

Recycling Lives provides recycling services to eLight – this means when you work with us, all the waste materials from any projects are carefully sorted into material types so that they can be recycled where possible.

Green Energy Procurement

Our relationship with recycling lives doesn’t stop there – our subsidiary Beond provide 100% green energy procurement and energy management services to their facilities.

At eLight we’re proud of our sustainability credentials – did you know that we’re also in the process of transitioning our vehicles to electric? Well, its all part of our journey to net zero because we are trying as best we can to help the UK along with its journey to net zero.

You can discover more about Recycling Lives and the work they do here: Recycling Lives